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Your Dream Home Awaits! 8 Amazing Houses For Rent in North Charleston, SC

houses for rent in North Charleston, SC

Moving to North Charleston, SC in the near future? If so, you can cut the paperwork and time involved by renting instead of buying!

Buying a home takes a long time. Once you’ve found the right place you have to wait to find out if you got it. Then you have to sort out all the details and sign a whole lot of paperwork.

Renting a home is much easier. And, rental homes come in all shapes and sizes, so whether you’re looking for basic or luxurious you’re sure to find a good fit.

Not convinced? Take a look at these eight great houses for rent in North Charleston, SC.

1. 1083 Bexley St.

This beautiful home offers three bedrooms and one bathroom. Its 1,100 square feet of space offers a snug, but not too snug, place for your family to call home.

New homes are going in on the street, making this a higher-end neighborhood. The home features hardwood floors and a gas fireplace. Additional perks include a washer and dryer and lawn maintenance that come with the home.

If you don’t need three bedrooms, the smallest room is perfect for office space. And when you’re ready to go out and about, you’re perfectly positioned to enjoy several local features, including the business district and a park.

This home could be yours for $1,450 per month.

2. 3530 Admiral Dr.

This home rents for $1,100 and offers 900 square feet of space spread out between three bedrooms and one bathroom. If you’re looking for quaint and full of personality, this may just be the home for you.

The home is full of character inside and features wide yellow siding on the outside. Aside from the bedrooms and bathroom you also get a kitchen and dining area.

Crime is low in the area, so safety won’t be as big of a concern as it is in other areas of the county. It’s close to several schools and several places to eat, but pets aren’t allowed in this home.

3. 2651 Oregon Avenue

If you are looking for a pet-friendly home, check out 2561 Oregon Avenue. Like the others on this list, it offers three bedrooms and one bath, but it’s listed at $1,000 and does allow cats and small dogs.

You’ll have 856 square feet of space in this home. Though the smallest on the list so far, it makes up for it with a large yard and tasteful design inside.

If crisp, clean, and new are feelings you like, this may be a great option for you. Buying those stocks is a good idea. Buying those stocks are a good idea.

4. 4957 N Rhett Ave.

This home is a step above the others on this list. It’s for those people who’re looking for something a little bit nicer.

It’s not meant to accommodate many people, though, with only two bedrooms and one bath. But those people who do live there get a large amount of space. 1,500 square feet, to be precise.

And, if that didn’t get your attention, this home comes furnished too! You won’t even have to worry about hauling your furniture along.

Both rooms include a queen-sized bed. You also get office space, a desk, a dining room, and kitchen.

You can rent this home for $2,400 per month.

5. 1227 Summer Avenue

This home looks a bit older on the outside due to its design, but it’s comfy, clean, and spacious inside. Four bedrooms and one bathroom offer plenty of room for a family. Overall, the home offers 1,632 square feet of space.

Though this home has more bedrooms than the others on this list, its price is on the lower end. You’ll only have to pay $1,100 per month to get this house.

Features include a large yard, detached garage, laminate floors, and carpeting.

6. 1183 Sherwood St

This home is for those who’re looking for a traditionally sized, full family home. It offers four bedrooms and three bathrooms to accommodate everyone. It rents for $1,700 and includes 2,325 square feet of space.

Built in 1950, there’s even a second one-bedroom home on the property that you can rent as well.

7. Mosby Ingleside Apartments

Is a traditional apartment more up your alley? Then check out Mosby Ingleside Apartments.

You’ll have your choice of options when it comes to bedrooms, bathrooms, and square feet. Choose the specs that fit your needs the best.

These apartments are pet-friendly, including larger breeds. And you’ll love the fresh new feel, thanks to construction from only one year ago.

Features include stainless steel appliances, smart home technology, a fitness center, a dog park, and nine-foot ceilings. This may just be the perfect place for you to call home.

8. E Liberty Park Cir and Saranac St

For all the history lovers, this one may be your best choice. It features a Southern-style feel that’ll make you feel right at home. It’s situated in a good neighborhood and it comes completely furnished.

This home offers 2,500 square feet of space, with four bedrooms and two bathrooms. Additional features include live oaks and porches.

You’ll be close to all sorts of must-see attractions. These include historic downtown, scenic beaches, an outlet mall, and more.

This home rents for $3,400, but you may find the amenities well worth it.

Explore These Houses for Rent in North Charleston, SC

There are many houses for rent in North Charleston, SC. One of them may just be exactly what you’re looking for.

So what are you waiting for? Find the house of your dreams by looking for a rental today! You may even find that you like renting better than buying.

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